How To Turn Old Books Into Storage

7 May 2015
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Book lovers spend a lot of time trying to find a place to keep all their books (such as a storage outlet like ABC Moving & Storage). Even books you don't want to keep on shelves need to be stored safely somewhere. Why not mix things up a bit and use old books you don't want and turn them into storage for books and other items! Here are a few examples of using books as storage.

Cut Out Book

Using books to store precious items is pretty common. The books are hollow with an area to place items. You place the book on a shelf beside your other books and nobody realizes that you have something expensive hidden there. You can make your own cut-out book easily.

  1. Glue the outside edges of the pages using craft glue that dries clear. Brush the glue on while the book is closed.
  2. Open the front cover of the book and then draw a rectangle shape on the front page. Use a ruler for straight lines.
  3. Cut out the rectangle shape a few pages at a time using a utility knife. Cut through a few pages, pull them out, and then cut through a few more. Keep going until the hole is as deep as you desire.

Book Box

Turn a simple paper mache box into a book box for storing, well, books. This craft uses the spine of old books as decoration. It makes it look like books on a shelf. If you place this book box on a shelf next to other books it will be difficult to tell which is real or not.

  1. Cut out the spine of several books. Use a utility knife and cut along the area on the cover that bends. This is the area between the spine and the front and back cover. Cut as close to the spine as you can.
  2. Glue the spines to one side of the paper mache box. Use strong craft glue and brush it on the back of the spine. Press the spine to the paper mache box. Glue the spines as close together as possible.

You can only place book spines on one side if you intend to place the box on a book shelf. Or, you can place spines on every side of the box if you intend to place it out in the open as decorative storage.

Book Shelves

Take old books and turn them into shelves for you to place your books. This is a great idea if you need more shelves, but want something different to decorate your house. You need books that are all the same size and thickness. An encyclopedia set works the best.

  1. Place two books together so that they make an L shape.
  2. Place an L bracket on the outside of the two books where they meet. One end of the bracket will rest against one book and the other end on the other book.
  3. Drill the bracket in place with an electric drill. Hold the books tightly because they might move during the drilling.
  4. Add a third book to make a U shape. Add a bracket and drill it in place.
  5. Add a fourth book to make a square shape and add the bracket.
  6. Make more squares out of the books and brackets.
  7. Stack the squares to make your shelf. Treat them like you would stackable storage.

You now know how to use books to store books.