3 Things to Consider When Renting a Storage Unit

21 May 2015
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Are you in need of more space in your home? If you are, but don't want to generate additional space by throwing away your personal belongings then you may want to opt for a storage unit rental. A storage unit rental is a great alternative, especially if you are trying to avoid having to throw away your meaningful assets. Before you rent a storage unit, there are some precautionary measures that you will want to be sure to take to ensure your belongings are safe during the time they are stored away. So, before you agree to a storage unit rental, definitely be sure to seek a storage unit facility that offers.

Quality and Clean Units

Before you commit to a storage unit, be sure that you take the time to take a walk through of the exact unit that you will be renting. This will allow you to inspect and check for any signs of previous damages caused by moisture, pests, and fire. By renting from a unit that doesn't show any signs of these damages, you can better protect your property, as you are likely not going to face these types of damages in your unit.

Climate Control Features

If you are storing paintings, ceramic items, or fragile collector items then you will definitely want to be sure that you select a unit from a company that offers climate control. This feature will allow you to set your own personal temperatures in your unit, which will allow you to keep your property in their preferred settings. This will help your items stay in their current condition, so you can avoid damages to your expensive and meaningful property.

24/7 Security Personnel Service

Having peace of mind is critical when storing your items in a storage unit. To ensure you're not worried or stressed about a potential break in then you will want to be sure that you seek a storage unit facility that has actual security staff on site at all times. This will keep your items safe and prevent potential theft situations, which will help you feel more confident when leaving fragile, valuable, and meaningful items in your storage unit.

By checking to make sure that the company you rent your unit from offers these services and features, you will be able to rent with confidence. These self storage facilities will ensure your items are safe and secure during the time that they are being stored in your unit.