Learn What To Do If You Need To Have A Large Piano Moved From One Home To Another Home

17 February 2017
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When you have a large piano that needs to be moved, it is important to hire professionals to handle the move for you. Hiring professional movers will better your chances of your piano arriving at your new home without being damaged. The guide below walks you through the steps to take to ensure the moving company can move the piano with ease.

Let the Moving Company Know What Type of Piano You Have

When you contact the moving company to hire them to move the piano, they need to know what type of piano you have so that they can plan accordingly. Moving a grand piano requires different equipment than moving an upright piano. Knowing which type of piano you have will make the process easier.

Be Prepared to Have the Piano Taken Apart

If you have a grand or even a baby grand piano, you need to realize that it will be nearly impossible for the moving company to get it out of your home in one piece. The legs of the piano are often taken off to make it easier to transport. The company will then put them back onto the piano when it arrives at your new home.

Clear a Path for the Movers to Use

When the movers come to move the piano, they need a clear path to take to get it out of your home. Move all furniture and nick knacks out the way so that the movers can easily maneuver the heavy piano throughout your home.

Know Where the Piano Is Going to be Placed

You need to know exactly where you want the piano to be placed when it arrives at your new house. The piano will be very heavy and you want to be sure that it is properly positioned when the movers leave so that you do not have to worry about trying to move it on your own.

Before the movers leave your new home, inspect the piano thoroughly. Make sure that there are no dents or scratches on it. Try to play it to make sure that it is somewhat in tune. It is important to realize that the vibration from being transported in the moving truck may cause the piano to become slightly off key. If you notice anything wrong with the piano be sure to let the movers know right away so that they can make a note of it and walk you through the process for filing a claim with their company. For more information, contact companies like Extreme Piano Moving.