Self-Storage Tips: How Can You Protect Your Items From Theft?

9 June 2015
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Your self-storage unit can be the best option for you when you need to keep furnishings, clothing and other items in a climate-controlled environment. But if you have concerns about the safety of your items, you can take steps to reinforce your self-storage unit against theft. Here are three ways to do so.

Rent a Self-Storage Unit With a Security System and Keypad

Many self-storage facilities offer units that feature individual locking mechanisms and keypads that interface with online security systems. These security measures require you to choose a passcode that only you know about. If someone tries to break the code to enter your self-storage unit, the security device may alert you or the storage facility right away.

If the facility allows customers to sign into their self-storage unit accounts online, you may have the option of resetting your passcode at that time. In many cases, you'll receive an email about the attempted break-in and theft, which helps you protect your items faster.

Use a Smaller, Stronger Lock

If your storage facility doesn't offer a security system for your unit, consider placing a small, stronger lock on your unit's door. Using a longer lock that features a chain or some other mechanism may not be enough to deter break-ins. Criminals can use special tools to cut the chains in half.

Smaller, thicker locks may take longer to cut because they lie close to the unit's door. If other customers walk by your unit, it may alert them to see someone breaking into yours. In this case, they can report the possible crime to the facility.

You may wish to purchase and use a lock that has a U-shaped shackle attached to it. Shackles are also difficult to cut. It's a good idea to ask the storage facility for recommendations about the type of lock you can use. The facility may provide the locks you need for an additional fee. 

Keep Computer Records of Your Items

Before you bring your items to the storage unit, document everything you plan to store in a computer file. A computer file allows you to keep better records of your items than paper, which you can lose easily. Give a copy to the facility to place in your customer file.

If something does happen to your storage unit, you have records of what you placed inside it. The facility may have replacement insurance that can reimburse your items. However, this is something you must discuss with the facility before renting your unit.

Although the storage facility is a safe place for your things, you can also be vigilant about protecting your items. If you have questions about the different options available with storage units, contact a business like Santa Barbara Mini Storage.