2 Questions To Ask To Help Plan Out Your Budget When Hiring A Company To Help You Move

21 November 2022
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If you are moving soon, the date may be coming up faster than you realized, and you are trying to work out a budget. Because you have decided that the work will be too much to handle on your own, you may be looking into hiring movers to help you.

In order to stay within a set budget, you will need to work out what services you need from the movers as well as how much everything costs. Below are a couple of questions you can ask to help you gather information so that you can plan out your moving budget accordingly.

1. How Does the Moving Company Calculate the Overall Service Fee?

The first question you can ask when beginning your information-gathering efforts has to do with how the company calculates the service fee. Is the fee an all-inclusive rate that includes moving all of your items regardless of weight or number? Or, are the service charges determined by weight, item number, the distance between the old and new residences, and/or labor rates? 

If the charges are itemized individually, speak with the moving service and let them know approximately how many boxes and pieces of furniture you have, as well as the addresses. Then, ask for a binding estimate that guarantees the rate on the day of your move.

2. Does the Service Provide Insurance Options Besides Basic Coverage?

Along with the rates for the move, another thing you should ask to help you with your budget has to do with the insurance. Usually, basic coverage is included that covers your items based on their overall weight.

However, you may want to see if they provide optional coverage such as full-value protection. This type of additional insurance covers the actual value of specific items, which is desirable if you have any valuable items or specialty furniture such as a piano or antique pieces.

Knowing how the company calculates the fees and what is considered extra charges can help you better understand how much the service will cost so you can better budget out your moving expenses. You should also decide whether you are content with the basic coverage or would like to purchase additional coverage. Contact a moving company in your area to speak with a representative to discuss specific fees and services so that they can help you choose what best meets your needs for your upcoming move. 

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